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This website has four different sections:

Faces of Science is designed for Key Stage 4 Science students and covers:

• how some bacteria affect the body
• heat homeostasis, how animals are adapted to their habitats
• acids and bases, making soap and surfactants, how surfactants work
• changes in states of matter, evaporation, diffusion and smell
• waves, the electromagnetic spectrum, dangers posed by ionisation
• light, types of reflection, colour
• ways of measuring and raising self-esteem
• the science used to develop everyday products
• the wide variety of careers available in the cosmetics and personal care industry
• interviews with real ‘faces’ employed by the industry and helps in developing careers.

Bare Facts is for Science students aged 12-14 and covers:

• why people buy and use popular cosmetics and toiletries
• how these products work on the body
• the manufacturing and marketing of cosmetic products.

The Feel Good Factor looks at personal wellbeing (PSHEE) and rights and responsibilities (Citizenship). It covers:

• puberty
• developing a healthy lifestyle
• making career decisions and drawing up a CV
• how to raise your self-esteem
• rights and responsibilities of individuals and oragnisations
• making a difference in society

Face Facts is designed for younger Science pupils (aged 9-11) and covers:

• classifying plants, how plants grow (photosynthesis) and relating plants to habitats
• distinguishing solids, liquids and gases, physical changes and how aerosols work
• light reflection to see, evaporation and diffusion of smells, hearing and creating sounds of different pitches

This website is sponsored by the Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA), the trade association representing the cosmetic industry in the UK.

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